Time 4 Hemp Global Broadcasting Network

During the first year of broadcasting, Willie Nelson, Tommy Chong and Dr. Andrew Weil were guests. You can listen to their interviews above.

Visit and expand your garden.

Visit and expand your garden.


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Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Rhino Seeds

Cannabis Seeds Worldwide

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Current Program Hosts

Program archive pages are linked to the series host bio-page.

Time 4 Hemp Crop Circle

Casper Leitch is the host of Time 4 Hemp.

Al Byrne takes time 4 hemp.

Al Byrne is a Joint Host on two programs. One is ‘Veterans Voices’ and the other is ‘Patients Out Of Time’.

Michael Krawitz takes time 4 hemp.

Michael Krawitz is the Joint Host of ‘Veterans Voices’

Mary Lynn Mathre

Mary Lynn Mathre is the Joint Host of ‘Cannabis Patients Out Of Time’